The Stereo Console

Do you remember when your grandparents listened to breakfast with the Beatles on the radio, forming your opinion of John, Paul, Ringo and George? What about when your older brother brought home that Styx record with the cover blew your mind? A stereo console made those memories possible!

Are Stereo Consoles Still Around?

Yes! You may have thought that these mid-century modern furniture classics are long gone, but fear not! Whether you want to repair a legacy hand me down Zenith, Grundig or Telefunken or you want to experience a re-imagined modern version, we guide you to the right place. Our team of experts tell the story of the stereo console history and how to choose a stereo console.

Why Would I Want One?

Do you like playing your vinyl with the best quality sound? Do you want to wow your friends with a beautiful piece of furniture? Do you have fond memories of your childhood and want to make new memories with your children? There are many reasons that discerning audiophiles and design fanatics love the stereo console.

Where Can I Find A Stereo Console?

Believe it or not, there are both vintage originals and newly reimagined versions. The price points and pros/cons offer a path no matter what your budget!

Below, Vintage Console Repair is for more budget conscious buyers and Reimagined Modern Consoles are for higher end budgets.

Vintage Console Repair |Modern Stereo Console
Stereo console
Grundig KS 620
Grundig KS 750

What’s the right one for you?

We’ve written a handy tutorial for you if you are trying to choose a stereo console for yourself or a friend. Think about who it’s for, why they will use it and start hunting with our handy guide!

Vinyl Subscription Services

Want to build a record collection while enjoying your own space? Our primer about the vinyl resurgence and how to acquire your perfect vinyl collection will get you warm and fuzzy!

Have a question? Ask us!

We try to help everyone, from the novice to the vinyl snob that knows how many DMB concerts over 100 they’ve been to! Just drop us a line and we will welcome you into our community!

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