Sell Stereo Consoles

We get it. Sometimes you have a stereo console that just doesn’t fit your lifestyle. Or you acquired one from an older family member and want it to go to a good home. Don’t fret. You can sell your stereo console through us to a qualified buyer.

How it works

  1. Take good quality pictures of the front and back of the stereo console for sale. We want to know the model number, which will give the approximate age.
  2. Tell us briefly how you acquired the musical device and what if any work you have had done to it. This gives us an idea of what investment is required to prepare the console for the next stage of life.
  3. Give us your location.
  4. We will send you an estimate of what we think the price is and why so you can decide at what price to list the stereo console for sale.
  5. Once you let us know the listing price, we will post it for you in our marketplace and you sit back and wait for an offer to come in.
  6. Once you make a sale and are ready to ship the stereo console, we have FAQs to guide you to a successful delivery!