About Stereo Console

Our love of furniture, music and entertainment combined to produce a fascination with the one device that inspires dreams, wows visitors and earns friends. What is it about stereo consoles that we love so much? It’s the perfect mix of a statement furniture piece infused with a musical sound system entertaining your guests for hours.

We discovered our first stereo console as a non-functioning family artifact. The sleek mid-century style and out-of-favor turntable were intriguing as we entered a new century. Through determination and exploration, we felt our way to the warm tube glow and fell in love.

Today, we promote both preserving vintage stereo consoles and reaching for post-modern interpretations of these en vogue machines. Learn about our history of the stereo console if you must. Whether you grew up with one or just saw one at a friend, welcome to the club! Join our discord to meet other like minded consolers!