Stereo Console Buyers Guide

Our stereo console buyers guide walks you through the decision making process to experience the joy of your favorite music playing from a piece of art.

This four part series starts with how to select a stereo console and continues to show you options available based upon your budget. Sit back with your favorite frosty beverage and immerse yourself in your future.

Stereo console buyers guide

How to Buy a Vintage Stereo Console

Once you’ve made the decision to buy a vintage stereo console, selecting the right one is important because it’s a significant investment. We answer the question “how to buy a vintage stereo console” with this definitive guide.

Why do you want a vintage stereo console?

There are three main reasons that people have:

  1. As a statement piece
  2. To play your music collection
  3. To share memories with your children

Each is valid, but because you have one or another reason, that will change what kind of stereo you want to choose.

As a statement piece

Less about playing music and more about style. In this scenario, the look of the console is the most important factor in choosing your device. You might be inspired by watching Mad Men the tv show, wanting to accesorize an existing bar cart, desiring

  1. Inspired by Mad Men TV show
  2. Accessorize with an existing bar cart
  3. Mid-century modern furniture centerpiece
  4. Make your guests jealous

To play music

You appreciate analog sound and like to think different than Spotify (Fun Fact: Digital music is compressed and loses 7% of the sound wave)

  1. Your parents records
  2. The greatest music discovery service of all time (i.e. the radio and it’s free!)
  3. The local baseball game with Ron Santo and Pat Hughes
  4. Bluetooth connected Pixel phone for all your podcasts and playlists
  5. Bonus – Could even have a tv, but let’s not get distracted yet!

To share memories with children

To share memories with your children (Fun Fact: I remember listening to a Star Wars radio broadcast on a Zenith console in about 1981. Now that’s a memory!)

  1. You have good memories of growing up with vinyl
  2. Your grandparents had one when you were growing up
  3. You want to share your memories with your children
  4. Ulterior motive: new music not readily available on vinyl or at least not in your collection!

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