How to Choose Stereo Console

Jackpot! Your adventure to choose a stereo console for making memories with your family, friends or even alone has begun! We are your trusted source to find the right stereo console for your needs today and in the far future. We believe that our love of the stereo console as a multimedia partner and design statement is shared by you, a discerning citizen fighting against mass market subjugation. Let’s rock!

Why do you want a stereo console?

The first question that we always ask someone who expresses an interest in a stereo console is: Why? What is it that is drawing you to choose a stereo console? There are a few typical reasons and that leads down different paths:

  1. Nostalgia – If you remember the stereo console of your parents or grandparents, you connect the device with memories from your past. It’s also possible that you want to create similar memories with your children.
  2. Style – Your home feels incomplete without a statement piece to anchor your home’s common public area. What better item than a multimedia partner to visually show and audibly please your guests?
  3. Sound Quality – While it’s nice to have a bluetooth speaker tapping out those high hat hits or noise cancelling headphones for an audience of one, you are a discerning audiophile that knows how much better life sounds when absorbing sounds physically.
  4. Communal Experience – You want to entertain your guests not just with your jokes, but also with your vinyl collection of the very latest discoveries from around the world. Take an audible trip around the world through the magic of a complete music experience.

Of course, you might also want a stereo console for a combination of the reasons above and that’s …. Great!

What stereo console options exist?

The great news is that no matter what reason you want a stereo console, there is an option for you. The primary options are:

  1. Refurbished Authentic Original (RAO) – These are magical pieces from the 1950s-1970s that have been carefully refurbished to provide a great audio experience with a classic look. The audio is all analog so there is no loss in musical quality. Your records sound great and so does a local radio station. The downside is that qualified maintenance can be difficult to find, analog radio stations will be going away and bluetooth streaming is not integrated.
  2. Contemporary Console Interpretation (CCI) – A modern version of the original stereo console uses newer materials and digital electronics to bring the benefits of the original in a modern package. The audio sounds great, easily stream your favorite podcasts and show off your records to your friends. Their is a steep financial cost to these devices as there are few manufacturers currently in production mode.

How to decide what’s right for me?

A few things to think about to decide what’s right for you:

  1. Budget – Ranging from $5k through $25k, the CCI can break the average person’s budget. If you aren’t ready to take on multi-year debt, a refurbished authentic original is for you.
  2. Style – Depending on your personal interior design style, there will be a stereo console for you. Space age or MCM? Heavy or light? Dark or light?
  3. Size – How much room do you have available or how much room are you willing to afford? There are small vintage ones that fit neatly in smaller rooms, but might be too small when inside a standard size house.

So many things to consider!

Yes, this can be a complicated decision if you it affect you! Take a deep breath and write down some answers to the questions above and your journey to the perfect destination will succeed!