Symbol Record Console

At the high end of the modern record console market is the flagship product from Symbol Audio. This craftsman built, analog and digitally combined electronic device is a focal piece for any room. The high end positioning also appears with the price, which starts at $23,995. Check you wallet for cardiac arrest after reading that last sentence.

Symbol Audio Console

If you aren’t familiar with the history of stereo consoles, we have written a primer for you to understand why people are willing to pay such a steep price for nostalgia, fashion and brand.

The Symbol record console is truly a modern take on the classic stereo console. Raised off the floor to feel like a soundbar connected to your oversized TV, nothing in the original generation of stereo consoles looks like this.

The console does mix analog audio technology, think vacuum tubes for optimal sounds, with electronic equipment to produce the sound. Vacuum tubes used in this device are manufactured in sufficient quantities to ease concerns about replacements when they inevitably fail.

Symbol Audio Stereo Console
Modern Record Console

We love the rethinking of the classic stereo console. People who hear the sound coming from an original refurbished stereo console are amazed. The clarity of the sound. The pounding bass on your body. You can feel the beat.

Modern sound systems, like Sonos, sound great too. But we’ve never found a system that has that deep bass sound that sounds and feels like a modern console. At the price point of this console, we believe that it’s likely close.

Make sure that you have a friend or two around, because it takes two to move this bad dog around! 300 pounds will put you in the hospital for a week if you aren’t careful to lift from your legs.

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